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For Businesses

Wally is the right place, to find the services where your team members will find inspiration and mindfulness. Data proves that art is the main contributor in creating a harmonious work environment for teams. 

Art helps creativity and imagination. Art increases productivity and motivation among employees. The physical space, where we work and spends hours, should be aesthetically pleasant and pleasurable.


We provide different services to the companies:

Buy art for office

On Wally, we present diverse Georgian talented artists. Buy and make the space beautiful and pleasant.

If you will need any advice or assistance, call or book an online consultation.

Art belongs to every space.


Rent an artwork

If you are creating a special event, or you want to transform your space into a gallery for a short period of time, this is a brilliant idea.

You can rent artwork for 1 or several days and return it back later. We are happy to bring our art into your pop-up events.

In addition, you can always renew your office by renting art from Wally.

Our art curator will assist you if you need any advice.

Make your space unique and memorable by bringing art into it.

Commissioned art

Sometimes it happens that you know exactly what your home and office needs, you see that. That’s why commissioned art is very popular – the art that is created exactly for your space, based on your needs.

Wally’s artists will listen to your requirements and will create especially for you.

Find an artist on Wally that you like, choose the style, and contact us.

We will help to create art only for you.


Art Consulting

Our art consultancy is free of charge. Our team will carefully listen to you and will assist to find matching art to your space, interior, and taste.

Our consultancy is dedicated to art lovers, designers, art enthusiasts and organisations.

Book a meeting and let’s talk about art.


For interior designers

If you are an interior designer, you can easily search and find what you are looking for. Our filters – price, theme, medium, colors, size will help you to find what you are looking for.  Our collection is vivid, gorgeous, and very diverse.

Let’s make collaborations and bring art to more homes together.

If you have questions, write to us or call us and we can make an online meeting.


Artists’ studio visits

Visiting artists’ studios is an extraordinary experience - talking, discussing, actively listening, sharing stories.

If you want to personally meet the artist that you like and you have already bought or are going to buy, this is possible. You just wish.

You can write to us or call and we will plan a studio visit for you.

Meet the artist, get new inspiration.