Mariam Tskhvediani

A print of the original artwork on canvas with the frame selected by the author.

A limited quantity (3 copies) will be printed.

With the author's signature.

Parchment, acrylic

45 x 60 cm

₾ 300
$ 94
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Mariam Tskhvediani


Mariam Tskhvediani is a designer, architect and artist. Mariam has graduated Tbilisi Apollon Kutateladze Art Academy - and holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees; 

In her minimalistic and, at the same time, realistic works, Mariam depicts everyday life. 

For Mariam, inspiration can be anything - walking, experiencing new places, people and relationships, bad weather; anything that evokes emotions.

According to Mariam, her art may seem chaotic to others, but to her, there is structure in it.

"I don't know, maybe it's a bit chaotic and messy in the eyes of others, but I don't feel this chaos; on the contrary, I make it and I like it" 

"In addition to the fact that painting is the main tool of self-expression for me, it is also a way to understand myself. When I paint and then when I see the finished painting, I get to know myself. I love this feeling."