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Lizi Budagashvili

It is mostly fresh and bright flowers that people praise and enjoy having around. I aimed to show the unique beauty of wilted flowers, their fragility, and the story they tell. To me, they are far deeper when wilted than when fresh. Therefore I wanted to capture them before they would be tossed and forgotten. It is a Memento Mori.

Details of the artwork: 

Title: Untitled (2020)

Technique: Oil on canvas

Size: 78 x 110cm.

(unique artwork)

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Oil on canvas

78 x 110 cm

Lizi Budagashvili


“ Perhaps my paintings have a more emotional meaning. My concepts are usually about the human’s nature: thoughts, feelings, emotions. I usually get inspiration from observing people, communicating with them, observing the relationship between humans and the environment, seeking myself.“